DeFeet Custom Knit Socks | Since 1992

Since 1992, we’ve offered custom sock design at a 60-pair minimum, ideal for our small business customers. Our craftsmanship is built on the principles of in-house manufacturing using local recycled fiber and ethically sourced USA-grown Merino wool. The result is DeFeet quality: socks designed for performance, durability, and comfort.

When you display your logo, colors, and designs on DeFeet socks, your brand goes into the world for years to come.

Need less than 60-pairs of custom socks? Use our online designer and order one pair or more.

Custom DeFeet cycling socks stacked on a table
custom DeFeet black cycling socks with a colorful diamond pattern on legs in the air
Custom DeFeet Woolie Boolie cycling socks stacked on a table
Custom DeFeet cycling socks in hot pink and blue stacked on a table

How does the process work?

It's easy! 

1. Submit an inquiry

After you click the link below, a custom representative will contact you to discuss your sock and provide a quote.  

2. Choose a sock

You can choose from several different DeFeet sock styles in poly blend or wool blend. 

3. Design your sock

Send us a logo, an idea, or a complete sock design and we mock it up in a knit-friendly format.

4. Pay the Art Fee

A $25 Art Fee is required for each different sock design you submit. 

5. Proof 

You will receive a digital mock-up of your sock design. Once your proof is approved, you job goes into production! 

6. Production

After you pay the deposit, your custom socks go into the queue for knitting! 

Sock Silhouettes

a technical drawing of an Aireator cycling sock


No Padding / 4-season / Recycled

a technical drawing of a Levitator Lite cycling sock

Levitator Lite

No Padding / Warm Weather / Recycled

a technical drawing of a Levitator Trail cycling sock

Levitator Trail

Foot Padding / 4-season / Wool & Recycled

a technical drawing of a Wooleator cycling sock


No Padding / 4-season / Wool & Recycled

a technical drawing of a Woolie Boolie cycling sock

Woolie Boolie

Full Padding / 3-season / Wool & Recycled


1. What's the minimum order for custom socks? 

Five dozen is the minimum order for custom socks. For fewer dozen socks, contact a custom representative to discuss pricing.

2. Do I have to provide art or can I tell you what I want?

We have in-house designers who can configure your submitted design for a sock, or who can work with your idea and apply that concept to a knitted sock.

3. What cuff heights are available?

Different sock silhouettes are available in different ranges of cuff heights, from 1" to knee high. If you are unsure, discuss with your custom representative. Just remember, a shorter cuff height means a smaller design area!

4. Can I get the same design in different colors?

Yes! You can often run a second colorway at no additional charge. If there are multiple color changes you may be charged a $25 Art Fee.

5. What sizes do you offer?

Our unisex socks are available in S, M, L, and XL.

6. What sizes should I order?

Once you submit an order, a custom sock representative will contact you. They can help you determine the best size ranges for your order.

7. How long does it take?

After your order comes in, we create a production proof based on your requests and knitting parameters.

Take a careful look at the proof! This is how your knitted sock will look. Once it goes into production, no further changes can be made.

After you approve the proof, we move the job into production. During our slower times of year, orders can be processed in 4-6 weeks from the date the production proof is approved.

PLEASE NOTE: The turnaround time is dependent upon the current workload in the microsockery, supply chain issues, and the time of year (before or around the holidays, production time can be longer). Communicate your needs to your custom rep so they can best determine an estimated date of completion for your job.

8. Will you promote my sock on social media?

We would love to! If you want us to share your socks, please provide your social media information when you submit your custom sock order. 

9. Will I receive a proof?

Once your sock design is finalized, you'll receive a digital proof to review.

Custom DeFeet cycling socks in blue and pink in stacks on a table
Custom DeFeet cycling socks in black with a pink and grey pattern on feet wearing white shoes
Custom DeFeet cycling socks in blue and white on a table
Custom DeFeet cycling socks for UCC on a foot in a cycling shoe