Certified wool from ranch to retail.

RWS stands for the Responsible Wool Standard. When you open a pair of DeFeet wool socks with the RWS logo on the package, you are about to put on a very unique and special product. Socks that have been audited at each step of the supply chain, all the way from the ranch the wool was grown on to their final destination, to meet Responsible Wool Standard requirments. It's your guarantee that DeFeet has gone beyond the highest standards in American Merino wool production to deliver a traceable, 100% transparent wool that returns a positive value to nature. We are proud to be the first manufacturer in the United States to offer RWS certified wool from ranch to retail, and we hope you will be equally proud to enjoy them and share the RWS story with others.

Wool that helps you finish the ride.

Riding bicycles up and down mountains in all types of weather perfectly showcases the life-sustaining qualities of wool. Climbing hills creates a lot of heat, sweat, and moisture on the skin. After the climb, descending at speed can make a rider begin to shiver almost immediately. Taking care of the body, starting with the feet and hands, is critical. Rides like these are why DeFeet reintroduced wool for cyclists over 30 years ago and why we are so committed to bringing you the highest caliber, most sustainable wool socks available. DeFeet wool feels soft and comfortable while absorbing moisture and insulating the rider's extremities.

For nearly a century, wool had been the fiber of choice for serious cyclists. The late 1970's saw the arrival of more modern synthetic fibers and improved fabric printing technology, resulting in a dramatic decrease in wool sportswear. In the early 1990’s, DeFeet was the brand that brought wool back to cycling, starting with socks.

With DeFeet socks, cyclists rediscovered the amazing properties of wool. Nature's performance fiber, wool keeps you cooler in the heat and warmer through wet and cold. DeFeet wool socks provide true 4-season versatility and are equally nice for multi-sport outdoor use and casual wear.

Now DeFeet marks a historic first by delivering RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) products all the way from ranch to retail by partnering with NATIVA™ Regen - Shaniko. Control Union, an auditing firm headquartered in Holland, audits every step of the DeFeet supply chain, beginning with grazing sheep on RWS-certified Shaniko Wool ranches.

Make DeFeet wool an integral part of your cycling kit.

DeFeet manufactures in the United States, so partnering with the Shaniko Wool Company makes the most sense for both quality and logistics. Shaniko wool is harvested from Merino and Merino/Rambouillet sheep in the western United States. Rather than shipping wool literally around the world to be washed, dyed, and spun into yarn prior to knitting, the entire process is now done in the USA.

Make DeFeet wool part of your cycling kit and be part of the change.

Merino wool grown, processed, and knit in the USA.