The EVO Series

The Beginning

The Aireator® was the original DeFeet sock design that took the cycling industry by storm in the early 1990s. It set the company on a trajectory to become a leader in cycling socks worldwide. While the Aireator remains a staple in the DeFeet line today and is the most popular choice in the DeFeet Custom Shop, the company recently rolled out an entirely new class of socks: the EVO line. 

The EVO Line

Whether EVO stands for "extreme velocity" or an evolution of the DeFeet line, the segment represents a clear distinction in how the socks feel to the wearer. The most notable differences between the EVO and the AIR series is EVO socks are even thinner profile and provide a soothing, compressive fit. 

EVO Mont Ventoux

The EVO Mont Ventoux is named after the stark, barren climb in the French Pyrenees that is so decisive when included in the route of the Tour de France. The fabric of the sock has an interesting, artistic mesh weave pattern that provides superior airflow and cooling while creating entirely unique leg appeal. The Mont Ventoux is a favorite among professional World Tour riders. It has been worn to victory in many of the world's biggest events, including a win in the Tour of Flanders the first day it was worn. 

EVO Classique

The EVO Classique is named for the distinctive ribbed fabric that runs vertically up the foot from the toe to the top of the cuff. Prior to DeFeet's introduction of the Aireator sock in 1992, cycling socks always had a ribbed design, adopted from sport socks of the past. The ribbed EVO Classique provides a timeless classic appeal. DeFeet put a modern spin on the design with a tighter rib profile, adding durability and airflow. 

EVO Carbon

The EVO Carbon uses yarns infused with carbon fiber particles. The fabric is knit into a weave that spirals up the foot and leg, adding strength to a carbon frame. The look at certain angles and in different light is unlike anything else on the market or in the DeFeet line. The EVO Carbon is only available in one color: dark carbon.

EPERNAY, FRANCE - JULY 08: Julian Alaphilippe of France and Team Deceuninck - Quick-Step during the 106th Tour de France 2019 in Epernay, France.
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EVO Disruptor

The EVO Disruptor made itself known in the cycling world in 2019 when Julian Alaphilippe took the yellow jersey at the Tour de France wearing custom EVO Disruptors. The same week DeFeet published wind tunnel tests from an independent laboratory showing conclusively that the Disruptor saved eight watts of power over a bare leg while pedaling a bicycle above 25mph. The Disruptor uses larger, wider spaced ribs to create smoother air around the feet and ankles to achieve these results.


The four model EVO lineup is geared toward peak performance with a thin compressive fit in a lightweight durable construction. Each model has its own uniquely crafted fabric creating an individualized look different from any other sock on the ride. 

DeFeet goes one step further with the EVO. The small woven D-logo tag on the back of each sock represents the finest in DeFeet quality craftsmanship and design.