The Feet in DeFeet: Custom Sock Customer Roger Strauss

a team of cyclists in blue and lime green jerseys wearing matching custom socks

Roger Strauss has been a DeFeet customer for over 20 years! The Georgia cyclist is the co-founder of the Georgia Tandem Rally along with his partner Eve Kofsky. Since 1999, they’ve been hosting tandem rallies / pre-tours / tandem tours / off-road bike rides all over Georgia. In fact, Roger and Eve have organized more bike events than any other couple in the world!

Together they’ve ridden in 135 of Georgia’s 159 counties and know best places to host tandem events. Their knowledge and passion are infectious and rivaled only by Roger’s sense of humor. Recently, we caught up with Roger to talk about his passion for tandem cycling and why he chooses DeFeet socks for his cycling event.

Tell us about you and your business/event!

The Georgia Tandem Rally is the largest tandem bicycle event in the south.  It is held every May somewhere in Georgia. We rotate cities every year to provide our riders with routes in different parts of the state.

How do you use your custom socks?

We order socks every time we make a new cycling jersey.  They are a giveaway for each participant.

Tell us about the meaning behind your sock design.

It is a perfect match for our jersey. The colors are all found in the jersey and the coordination makes the outfit look much better.

Why did you order custom socks?

Because you have to look good even if you don’t ride good. That’s all that matters.

Why did you choose DeFeet?

We have some DeFeet products that are 20 years old and they still look good! And to be honest, we love working with Kerri Willerton. We wish she could coordinate everything we do. Can we steal her?

Which sock silhouette did you choose?

We always go with the six-inch Aireator.

What has the response been from people who have gotten pairs of your custom socks?

They love our socks and those who do not know they are getting them always enjoy the surprise.  

Would you order custom socks again? Why?

Yes. Although we don’t order them every year, it would be nice. From design to ordering, Kerri makes things so easy. She is a real pro.

At DeFeet, we’re cyclists. We know firsthand how socks and make or break a ride. That’s why we design, engineer, and test our socks to meet the needs and lifestyle of roadies, MTBers, and gravel road adventurers. In other words, the needs of the customer are reflected in the thoughtful construction, quality fibers, and custom sock designs! Want to know more? Start designing your own custom sock and become part of the DeFeet family today.