Design Your Own DeFeet Socks

Our customers know and love the high quality, performance, and durability of DeFeet socks. Since 1992, we’ve offered custom sock design at a 60 pair minimum, ideal for our small business customers. Now we also have PrintMySock™, a custom option for customers who want to design just a single pair of their own DeFeet socks. 

Bring your designs to life on performance socks that have raced in the Tour de France, ridden off-road terrain through mountains, and hiked cold snowy trails. Our customers who order in larger quantities for a business or event work with a design team to translate their ideas to a finished product. All custom socks are knitted in our microsockery in North Carolina.

Customers designing a single pair of socks use a design portal on our website that offers several design templates and the option to upload logos, imagery, and text. PrintMySock™ orders are knitted and printed in-house. 

60 Pairs or More:
Custom Knitted Design

Custom knitted designs are ideal for customers interested in bulk orders for small businesses, promotional events, group rides, or sponsor gifts.

Choose from many different DeFeet sock silhouettes in either USA grown merino wool blend or locally recycled polyester, and work with our custom team to design a sock with your imagery, logo, and words. Your design will be knitted into the fabric of the sock itself.Click here to learn more about bulk orders of custom socks.


Single Pair or More:

Smaller orders of personalized DeFeet socks are a unique way to fundraise for a cause or event, an all-season alternative to family Christmas sweaters, or even personalized groomsmen gifts featuring inside jokes.

The customer chooses between two DeFeet sock silhouettes, designs their sock online with our PrintMySock™ portal, and the final design is then printed with a 360° sublimation printer onsite at our microsockery. The printing process heats the ink, converting it to a gas that is fully absorbed into the fibers of the sock. The result is a high-quality reproduction with no break in the design.