Team DeFeet Cancer

Some years ago we noticed a cycling club was using the word DeFeet in their name. We reached out and asked what their club was about. The stories behind what brings people together around bicycles and riding, inspiring them to create clubs and events, are so diverse. They are a big part of why we enjoy our work at DeFeet so much. 
Team De-Feet Cancer is a small team of cyclists in Massachusetts dedicated to the fight against cancer. On the first weekend in August, they ride 192 miles from Sturbridge to Provincetown in the Pan-Mass Challenge. The ride raises awareness and funding for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, one of the world’s leading cancer research hospitals. 
The team was formed in 2015 by Bill, his daughter Jessica their friend Steve. Over the years, others joined them. Steve was the driving force behind the team name. He said, “You know, cuz we use de feet to pedal de bike.” They lost Steve to cancer in 2018. In 2019, they added an extra 100 miles to their ride, carrying Steve’s memory from the New York border across Massachusetts. 
2020 forced some calendar changes. The Pan-Mass Challenge asked it's 6000+ riders and 4000+ volunteers to ‘reimagine’ their ride. So on August 1st, Team De-Feet Cancer headed out on their own two-day route. The spirit of the Pan-Mass Challenge was with them. Team De-Feet Cancer wants you to know that the fight against cancer needs all of our help. They also had some really nice things to say about the products made by their namesake company, which is dear to us as well. 
"Along the years, we quickly learned that DeFeet socks were the best, most fun cycling socks around. We approached DeFeet International and are happy to have their sock support every year. We proudly ride their logo on our jerseys, and share the sock love with fellow cyclists who recognize the connection.”
Thank you, Team De-Feet for the kind words. To learn more about Team De-Feet or make a donation, please visit and follow them on Facebook @TeamDeFeetCancer. To learn more about PMC, visit 100% of rider raised funds go directly to DFCI.