Sockfunding Checks In With Australian Wildlife

As some of the largest wildfires ever witnessed raged through Australia, threatening much of the country's land and species, DeFeet set about raising funds. 

WIRES is an organization that helps Australian wildlife survive wildfires. The DeFeet Custom Shop created some special socks and put them for sale on the DeFeet Sockfunding platform. Sockfunding makes it easy for organizations to create, sell and distribute socks to people anywhere in the world who want to help out.

Pictured here is Hope and Shane Cooper from DeFeet proudly showing the donation to Wires from the sale of the socks. You can learn more about Wires here: We are thankful to those who participated in this Sockfunding campaign and happy that something as simple as sharing a message and getting socks to those who care can result in getting funds to those most in need. Kowabunga to the critters!