Essential Clothing For Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling is an amazing gateway to the sport of cycling. Discovering the sport in the privacy and safety of home is just the type of environment many people need to dive in and take up riding a bicycle for fun, fitness and overall physical and mental health. With home trainers like Wahoo and Tacx tapping into the digital worlds of Zwift and Strava, riding “stationary” is not what it used to be, and that’s a great thing. Riding alone is no longer like riding alone, and there is no end to the amount of competition and challenge available for those that want more. 

Immediately, the question of “what is the best clothing for indoor cycling” is asked. Riding a bicycle in any room above freezing quickly results in high body temperatures and increased sweating. This is all very welcome and part of the healthy, body cleansing benefits cycling provides. For clothing, you want to make the best choices in your indoor bike riding attire. Just like riding outside, comfort and performance help you get the most out of your indoor riding experience. 

There are four key pieces of clothing that will help you conquer any stationary ride. 

Shorts: Shorts made specifically for cycling aren’t just for aerodynamics. While aerodynamics is not important when you're riding in place, the low bulk, no snag fit of a cycling short makes the constant transition from sitting to standing easier and more comfortable. The pad inside the short helps cushion the pelvic bones and won’t chafe those tender areas below the belt. Thin, light fabrics hold less moisture and stay supple when wet, dramatically reducing friction and discomfort. 

Base layer top: While some prefer riding indoors without a shirt, that’s not always possible for everyone - or recommended. Wearing a form fitting, high performance, lightweight base layer top like the DeFeet UnD Shurt is ideal. With specific fits for both men and women, the UnD Shurt accommodates any cycling short and sports bra configuration available. The super thin, wicking fabric moves sweat off the skin, doesn’t get weighed down with moisture and won’t create extra friction or inhibit movement. 

Socks: Low, light and lovely. DeFeet socks are perfect for indoor cycling. Fitting with the theme of the necessary stationary bike clothing, DeFeet socks stay cooler, move air and moisture better than others. They help eliminate painful hot spots and won’t become bulky  and uncomfortable when feet inevitably become sweaty. Available in heights from below the ankle to just below the knee, most indoor bike riders prefer a one inch to six inch cuff height. What about “lovely”, you ask? Putting on a pair of socks with a design that makes you feel good is an important part of any indoor ride.

Shoes: Indoor Cycling shoes are the fourth critical piece of clothing for enjoying an indoor bike ride. They are considered optional, but once you’ve got the other three pieces of indoor clothing, shoes are next. Make sure to fit them with your cycling socks on. Cycling shoes give a low volume fit that helps you become much more efficient on two wheels. Stiffer soles provide more comfort by not bending around the shape of the pedals. Avoiding foot pain while riding a bike, indoor or out, is key to enjoying the ride. ome indoor cycling enthusiasts eventually venture out to riding actual roads and trails. The indoor clothing laid out above will help them make that transition easier, too. The road to cycling enjoyment has never had as many incredible opportunities as it does, today. Whether you get out there or in there, being on a bike will bring you rewards regardless of what else is happening in the world around you.