DeFeet Teams With Trek Factory Racing Mountain Bike and Cyclocross Programs

cyclists riding in a bike race on a road
As 2022 dawned, DeFeet and Trek Factory Racing announced a multi-year partnership with two Trek teams: Trek Factory Racing Cyclocross and Mountain Bike Cross Country.
Both companies are steeped in racing heritage. Trek was started in a wooden barn in Wisconsin in 1976. DeFeet started knitting socks at its current factory location in 1992. With 2022 marking the 30th anniversary of DeFeet, partnering with Trek Factory Racing was a natural fit.
“When we started DeFeet, Trek became one of the earliest customers of the DeFeet Custom Shop," said DeFeet founder Shane Cooper. "The choices they made with regard to our socks proved they really did their testing. It's a testament to the team's attention to detail and focus on performance and it shows in their results."
woman on a mountain bike in a race rides around a turn
While preparing for this year's season, Trek Factory Racing decided on two DeFeet sock designs: the Levitator Lite and the EVO Mont Ventoux. Team riders have been utilizing the Levitator Lite as the workhorse for everyday wear. The Levitator Lite features a more advanced design than the DeFeet Aireator, with full 360 degree Aireator mesh wrapping the foot. The sock does not sacrifice durability while turbo charging airflow within cycling shoes. The Levitator Lite is available in custom form for teams, clubs and events. Trek Factory Racing socks were crafted by the DeFeet Custom Shop.
Championship winning seasons in World Cup mountain bike racing are forged in the heat from late spring until early fall. Riding well in the heat presents unique challenges. Staying as cool as possible is paramount to success. Keeping foot temperature in check is critical to keeping overall body temperatures in control.
Trek Factory Racing chose the DeFeet EVO Mont Ventoux for these important races. Part of DeFeet's high-end line of EVO socks, the Mont Ventoux emphasizes airflow throughout the entire sock while providing a soothing compressive feel around the foot. The combination of wicking and airflow creates a noticeable effect best described as similar to air-conditioning. Super thin and light, the EVO Mont Ventoux still demonstrates legendary DeFeet durability.
Trek Factory Racing rider Jolanda Neff racing at the mountain bike World Cup events in Mt. St. Anne, Quebec
Trek Factory Racing rider Jolanda Neff recently swept the short track and main event at the mountain bike World Cup events in Mt. St. Anne, Quebec. She's seen above wearing the DeFeet Levitator Lite.