Custom Socks For Event Promotion

Anyone who's tried can tell you, promoting an event is hard work. It can also be intensely satisfying, providing great memories, stories and keepsakes that will last a lifetime. The best events can become brand names themselves, filling up entry lists with eager participants well ahead of time year after year. 

Every event promoter wants to create something that lasts. Few would argue that providing entrants with take-home items displaying the event name and logo for years into the future isn't the best way to advertise. This is where the DeFeet Custom Shop can help. Custom socks are the most cost effective way to keep an event in front of potential entrants. DeFeet high-quality custom socks can last more than a decade, even with hard use, and are rolling, pedaling billboards on every ride. 

Mudslinger events out of Oregon is a good example. Run by Mike Ripley, Mudslinger lists a plethora of brand name events in the state. Ripley likes to provide DeFeet custom socks to his entrants, volunteers and staff as often as possible. Fast forward to the segment from the podcast with Ripley below, it begins at 9:00 minutes into the show.

These are some images of some of Mudslinger Events recent designs. They do a great job of mixing in USA grown merino wool models with some of their events. This helps give entrants even more reason to show up, finish the event and take home items they can use every day. Reminders of an incredible experience and a conversation starter with anyone who sees them. 



If you're looking for an event - or a bunch of events - to do in Oregon, take a look at Mudslinger Events. Here are some links:

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