4 Tips for Creating the Perfect Custom Sock Design

The legendary designer Charles Eames once said, “The details are not the details. They make the design.” At the time he was probably wasn’t thinking about socks, but we couldn’t agree more. When designing the perfect custom sock, the key is in the details. We’ve rounded up our top tips to help you design the perfect pair of custom socks down to the last detail.

3 women wearing matching custom socks in blue and yellow tie dye

Design Tips for the Perfect Custom Sock

  1. Choose a Bold Design
    Make your details bold and eye-catching. Socks are small, knit garments and tiny details like intricate lines, narrow shapes, or small fonts will get lost when viewed from afar. Remember, sock fiber is fuzzy and soft (for ultimate comfort!) so broad, bold lines and shapes translate best.
  2. Create a Full-Coverage Composition
    Custom socks look best when you choose a design that covers the whole sock. In other words, don’t leave white space. Choose vibrant colors as your base layer. If you have important design elements like logos, decide how you want the logo displayed. For example, place a large, high-contrast version of your logo on the back cuff of the sock where everyone is likely to see it (as opposed to the heel or top of the foot where it will be hidden in a shoe).
  3. Use High Quality Image
    You’ve found the perfect image to cover your sock: it’s bright, bold, and high contrast. But unfortunately, file quality isn’t great. Your image will turn out fuzzy or stretched. You need a photo with great lighting, good composition, and high resolution (at least 300 dpi) for the best results.
  4. Make Sure your Font Matches the Vibe
    If you’re using text on your sock, don’t forget to consider the look and feel of the font. Font elements like size, and typeface make a big difference in the overall design. Sans serif fonts are great for a modern look, while serif fonts give classic vibes. Just be sure to avoid small or thin fonts, as they won’t be legible.

screenshot of the DeFeet cycling sock custom sock designer portal

Less is More: Special Tips for Small Orders of Custom Socks

At DeFeet, you can order as little as one pair of custom socks, thanks to our special PrintMySock™ technology. Custom designs are brought to life with a 360-degree sublimation printer and heated to ensure the ink is fully absorbed into the sock.

Our friend Zach Overhold wrote a detailed guide to using PrintMySock at BikeRumor! Here are some of his top tips:

  • Choose between two different sock types: the Levitator Lite or the All Day
  • Channel your inner designer with the DeFeet Design Portal.
  • The “Paint by Number” option gives you sock designs to customize—choose this for more design support.
  • The “Upload Your Own Design” option offers more creative freedom. You can upload your own graphic or image to be printed on your custom sock.
  • Choose hi-res photos in portrait, rather than landscape and plan to spend some time making sure your image lines up correctly.
  • Add logos, text, or other design elements. The design portal will even take the white background out of logos and photos.

After you order, you’ll get a pair of one-of-a-kind custom socks in about a week!

custom purple leopard DeFeet cycling socks by Bummerland

Go Big or Go Home: Special Tips for Large Orders of Custom Socks

Large orders (60 pairs or more) of custom socks are made a little differently: the design is knitted into the sock itself. You can get a large order of custom socks in a few easy steps:

  • Submit an inquiry. A DeFeet representative will contact you to talk about all the details of your custom sock including: type of sock, design, and the size of your order. Then they’ll provide a quote
  • Choose a sock. There are 5 options to choose from, all made from high quality poly or wool blends
  • Design your custom sock. You send full design, a logo, or just an idea. DeFeet will provide you with a mockup so you can see how your socks will look post-production.
  • Review the Proof. Review the digital mock-up of your custom sock and make sure it meets your specifications.

Wait for your custom socks to arrive! Usually orders are processed in 4-6 weeks.

Start Customizing Today

You can create incredible custom sock using just a few design basics! Start customizing today to get high-quality, custom socks with beautiful designs unique to you.