The Feet in DeFeet: Ridge Supply

a man in coveralls and brightly colored hi-vis socks standing beside his truck

In 2014, life forever changed for Matt Hawkins when he was struck from behind by a pickup truck while on a solo training ride. He suffered extensive injuries, but recovered.

In response to the accident, Matt founded Ridge Supply, an outdoor adventure sport brand that specializes in bright, hyper-visible products that use bio-motion technology to help cyclists, runners, and hikers remain visible to motorists.

Ridge supply partners with DeFeet to provide customers with signature high quality construction and Ridge Supply’s hyper-visible designs. We caught up with Matt to talk about his brand and why he chooses DeFeet as his source for cycling socks.

Tell us about you and your business/event.

Ridge Supply is an outdoor adventure sport brand that specializes in high functional visibility.

How do you use your custom socks?

I started designing and producing socks over 8 years ago and have produced over 400 custom designs with DeFeet in that time.

Tell us about the meaning behind your sock design.

All our designs have a mountain-inspired design fused with blocked high functional visibility colorways to provide bio-motion recognition during activity.

Why did you order custom socks?

I first ordered socks to produce a product that could make cyclists safer on the road. I was left for dead in a hit-and-run incident with a pickup truck while I was riding solo. I designed a sock that would be hyper-visible because of the color-blocked pattern combined with bio-motion when worn by cyclists or runners on the road.

Why did you choose DeFeet?

I choose and continue to exclusively choose DeFeet to manufacture Ridge Supply products because the socks are the best available in the world.  It is a nice bonus that they are also made locally right here in North Carolina!

Which sock silhouette did you choose?

Our primary line is Aireator 6" Single Cuff, but we use Wooleator, Woolie Boolie, D-Evo, and Evo Disrupter as well.

What has the response been from people who have gotten pairs of your custom socks?

The response is always positive. I've sold thousands and thousands of pairs and have almost ZERO quality issues. DeFeet makes an amazing sock and is an incredible partner in keeping athletes safe.

At DeFeet, cycling is in our DNA. We understand deeply how the right pair of socks can transform a ride. Dedicated to serving the community of road cyclists, mountain bikers, and gravel road enthusiasts, we meticulously design, engineer, and evaluate our socks. Simply put, our socks echo the genuine needs and preferences of our customers through careful crafting, superior materials, and unique designs.

Curious? Begin crafting your personalized sock and join the DeFeet family today.