Sustainability Starts With Durability

Today a customer sent this photo to us with this statement:

Hello DeFeet!! Here is a pic of some socks I’ve been using off and on road and dirt for 24 years!!! , From “Oneils Family Bike Shop” Sacramento CA 1996, I was on their racing team back then,
The toes still do not have holes like all the other socks I have, amazing! 

Thank you,
Myron Dong
San Diego, CA
We love hearing stories like this from our customers. Obviously, they're testaments to the quality of the products we make. Over the years they've come to mean something more, though. We've lived through an age where most products became lower priced and more cheaply made. If you've ever been disappointed by this trend, you know what we mean. Products that don't perform and don't last end up costing us all a lot more over time. There is a cost to the consumer and there is a cost to the environment. 
At DeFeet, we take these costs seriously. There is so much talk today about sustainability, but there is little talk about durability in the products that are made, used briefly, and thrown away. How much substance is there to a sustainability message for items with little inherent durability?
Thank you, Myron, for helping us hi-light this message with the image you shared. We welcome everyone to share images of their aged or "vintage" DeFeet stuff as we head into a season where we really want to put this type of content on the forefront. There is nothing wrong with buying less, and there is nothing wrong with demanding great product. We all vote with what we earn. Make it count for the long road.