New Evo Mont Ventoux Cycling Socks in the Colors of your Kit

two female cyclists on bikes on a gravel road facing a waterfall, both wearing socks that match their kits

So you just got a brand new kit in some of the latest trending colors, like burnt orange, forest green, violet, or olive. The question is, what socks do you grab to complete the look?

As a small microsockery, it can be a challenge to keep our yarn stock in line with trending hues. Adding a new yarn color can mean requesting a small custom sample from our yarn folks, test knitting the sample, and then ordering a larger lot. It's not a speedy process.

So what do we do when fashion changes so rapidly, and colors trend for short periods of time?

To meet customer demand, we combined the innovative technology of our in-house Sub360 machine with the superior construction of our Evo Mont Ventoux sock silhouette. We carefully built a color palette inspired by trending hues, and then printed up a veritable smorgasbord of hot new colors.

Introducing Match My Kit™, a new line of Evo Mont Ventoux, made to order and printed in-house, one pair at a time. With the Sub360 printer, we have the unique ability to color match trends, giving you what you need to coordinate from head to toe.

11 DeFeet Evo Mont Ventoux cycling socks in different solid colors

Match My Kit brings DeFeet’s top tier EVO Mont Ventoux to the front of the pack in sublimated socks. “The EVO Mont Ventoux is unlike any sock on the market, which is evident from the moment you put one over your foot,” said Scott Duncan, product developer at DeFeet. “The way the sock is knit allows the ink to absorb in a very full-flavored, beautiful way. There’s just nothing else like it anywhere in the world.”

The specialized construction of the Evo Mont Ventoux 360° vent grid knit with performance yarn results in a light, compressive, moisture-wicking sock; ink and printing technology add the color and finish. Evo Mont Ventoux Match My Kit is available in flavors such as Ginger, Rhubarb, Mint, Kale, and Muscadine.

female cyclist on a mountain bike on a wooded trail wearing purple socks to match her kit

DeFeet had been pursuing sock printing technology for years, deciding to invest in machinery and software applications during the Covid 19 shutdown. “Making large investments during uncertain times is never easy,” said Shane Cooper, DeFeet Founder and Chief Sockologist. “What we see is tremendous demand for customized products at lower minimums.”

In response to that demand, DeFeet launched Print My Sock™ one year ago as cycling’s first and only program that allows customers the ability to create as few as one pair of custom cycling socks that they design on their own using DeFeet’s digital sock customizer. “Print My Sock takes fully customized to the absolute minimum, one pair at a time, “ said Cooper. “Match My Kit now leverages the same technology to simplify modern kit matching with our top of the line cycling sock in trending hues.”

“Print My Sock gives customers total control of their own design,” said Rob Dickerson, VP of Sales at DeFeet. “Match My Kit gives them the EVO Mont Ventoux in easy-to-choose printed colorways that blend seamlessly with their riding outfits.”

Choose the colors that match your kit here: