Lake Perris Women of Adventure

Linda Flores, DeFeet Ambassador

One of our good friends got into an accident and uses a trike now. We support each other on rides; some of the group ride single tracks, some of us will ride the double track or connecting fire roads and meet the other group at the bottom of the trails. We ride for camaraderie, laughs, and eating!

a group of cyclists ranging in age surrounded by rocks and vistas

a woman on a trike in front of a lake with a mountain in the distance

This time, we camped at Lake Perris and rode both the single tracks and connecting road. I rode 18 miles because some of the group departed and needed someone (me) to guide them back to the camp site. 

a bike on the ground by a dirt trail and a vista of a lake and mountains

a group of campers around a table preparing food

campers sit around a fire with sunset and mountains in the background

It was a fun group. Beauty was found in the sunrises, and peace was found in the sunsets. We spent three days at the campsite to reenergize and reset our clocks and spirits for returning to work on Monday. 

 strava bike route around Lake Perris