Our Supply Chain

Reduce our impact on the environment by making conscious decisions to restrict our supply chain, use natural fiber, and source high-quality recycled fiber.

Make them great and make them last. We believe sustainability starts with durability. DeFeet socks have a nearly 30 year track record of being the most durable socks in their categories, worldwide.

One pair of DeFeet socks made from recycled yarns uses approximately two bottles. While we can’t make enough socks to offset the waste, we can make great products with it, and share this story.

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When DeFeet got off the starting line in 1992, the use of wool as a performance fiber had almost faded from existence. Recalling the fantastic properties of wool, DeFeet set off to bring it back to the cycling world. By the mid 1990s, wool was making a comeback into the kit bags of professional riders worldwide, starting with DeFeet socks.

DeFeet wool is grown, washed, dyed, and knitted into socks entirely in the United States. Our Merino wool is renewably sourced from the Rocky Mountain region and comes exclusively from ranches that prioritize humane growing conditions. Our wool is turned into yarn in the northeast before arriving at our factory in North Carolina. For a USA manufacturer, the supply chain doesn’t get any shorter than that. The raw materials we use and the yarns we create are of exceptional quality. Durability, performance, and sustainable supply chains are a priority in DeFeet manufacturing.

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1996 was the first year plastic bottle waste was counted. In the United States that year, 3.8 billion plastic bottles were used. By 2014, the number had grown to over 100 billion. Each person used more than 315 plastic bottles on average. More than 8 million tons of plastic enters the world’s oceans each year.

In 2016, DeFeet began testing new recycled fibers manufactured from recycled plastic bottles from a local company. Unifi is headquartered in North Carolina, where the environmentally friendly performance yarn production takes place. REPREVE is a brand of fibers made from recycled materials, including plastic water bottles, and SORBTEK is Unifi's moisture-management yarn. REPREVE with SORBTEK creates a performance yarn that combines cooling and moisture-wicking properties with recycled benefits.

In July of 2017, DeFeet socks with the new fibers were worn to victory in seven stages of the Tour de France.


Our proprietary twisted wool blend combines 50% recycled yarns and 50% Merino wool. By moving some of our production to these fibers, DeFeet was able to dramatically reduce its environmental footprint.


In December 2018, DeFeet gave 7.4 tons of product with cosmetic blemishes to Good360.org. That's 177,600 pairs of socks. This was a massive accumulation of product that built up for over 10 years. DeFeet kept this product out of circulation to help protect IBD and MAPP.