Custom socks have always been a part of the DeFeet DNA. With the PrintMySock customizer, now anyone can design their own DeFeet socks and purchase just a single pair. Our customizer is easy to use for the non-designer, and includes the option to choose colors, patterns, and text to design your sock, or download the template and use your own design program to create your perfect sock.

Ready to get started? Follow the steps below.

STEP 1: Choose a Sock

You can choose from two DeFeet sock silhouettes, both suitable for the active lifestyle of adventurers: the DeFeet Levitator™ Lite, a professional calibre cycling sock, and the All Day, a crew length ribbed sock with a padded footbed for everyday wear.

The Levitator Lite is a lightweight sock with a flat toe seam and wicking and cooling mesh around the instep, ideal for cycling, running, and hiking in warm to hot weather; the padding on the All Day makes for a comfortable sock ideal for running, hiking, or daily use.

Both sock silhouettes are made with Repreve®, a durable high quality performance fiber manufactured from recycled plastic water bottles, reducing landfill waste. Repreve® embeds properties like wicking, adaptive warming and cooling, making both socks a long-lasting choice, perfect for all types of weather and for all types of use.

STEP 2: Design Your Sock

Once in the design portal, you have four optional areas of customization: Design, Text, Logos, and Size.

Design includes two options: “Paint by Number” offers preset designs to customize; “Upload Your Own Design” allows you to upload a large jpg or png.

Optional text can be added to the top, sides, or bottom of the foot. Logos can be added in four different locations: the front, back, or sides of the cuff at the top of the sock, and at the top of the foot. Socks are available in four sizes, from small to extra-large. 

Not a designer? The "Paint by Number" customizer gives you the option to choose colors, patterns, and text to design your sock.

Have a design in mind? You can download the template and use your own design program to create your perfect sock. You can even upload photos from your phone or images off the internet to customize your sock! Please note: upload times may vary depending upon internet speed.

STEP 3: Submit Your Design

Once the sock looks exactly right, you can select your size and desired quantity, from just a single pair to as many as you need, and add them to the cart.

Multiple Sizes

To order additional socks of the same design in different sizes, click on the sock in the cart to be taken back to the customized design. From there you can select size and quantity, and add to the cart.

STEP 4: Your Socks are Made and Printed at DeFeet

The final design is then printed onto DeFeet socks with a 360° sublimation printer onsite at the microsockery.

The printing process heats the ink, converting it to a gas that is fully absorbed into the fibers of the sock. The result is  a high-quality reproduction with no break in the design.

STEP 5: Your Socks Ship Out

Turnaround time generally takes about a week, from sock creation to print, package, and ship.

Choose the Levitator LiteChoose the All Day