2022 DeFeet Ambassadors

We are excited to announce our 2022 Ambassadors!

These cyclists are representative of DeFeet customers, ranging in age, background, geographic location, and cycling interests. These fun and enthusiastic people were also chosen based on the quality and frequency of their social media posting. Check our their Instagram accounts for fun and inspiring cycling content. 

Thinking about applying to be a DeFeet Ambassador next year? Tag us in your DeFeet gear on Instagram so we can follow your story and see how you DeFeet.

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Jody Bartz


Jody Marie Bartz is from Tucson, AZ. This is what she has to say about cycling: “I LOVE to ride dirt! Trails, gravel roads, give it to me! Anyone who knows me, knows I love to ride!”

Jody is a coach at El Grupo Youth Cycling; she also has a Ph.D., two amazing nephews with autism (who ride as well!). Jody has spent her life teaching and teaching teachers how to support, teach, and advocate for kiddos with disabilities.

Mark L. Clark


Mark Clark is from Mooresville, NC. As a baby boomer, Mark discovered the joys of cycling late in the game, but has been an avid road cyclist for the last 10 years. He currently rides about 6000 miles a year - including throughout the NC winters. His most rewarding adventure was a 4-day, 410-mile charity ride from Montreal to Boston. Mark is an active member of several cyclist groups and supports charity rides throughout the Southeast.

Rhune Clynen & Zander Tielens

@rhune_clynen | @zandertielens

Rhune Clynen (U23) and Zander Tielens (U17) are from Belgium. Rhune and Zander are on the UCT Mountainbike Cycling Team and compete in cyclocross, mountainbike, and road races nationally and internationally. 

Edson Costa


Edson Costa, a competitive amateur cyclist from Viseu, Portugal, is passionate about cycling, training, and also photography. You can follow him @cyclingdomestique where he shows cycling as he lives it everyday, hoping to inspire and motivate other people to get into this amazing sport.

Annie Davis


Annie Davis is based out of Bentonville, Arkansas. By day she is a merchant for Walmart, but outside of work she loves playing all the bikes - road, mtb, and gravel - but mainly adventure gravel riding. As a firm supporter of inclusivity, she leads a WTFNB (women, trans, femme, non-binary) ride for the Meteor Cafe, building a safe space in cycling outside of the traditional masculine focused groups. 

Robbie Douangpanya


Robbie Douangpanya lives in Albuquerque, NM and has been a defacto DeFeet Ambassador for a minute, so we made him official for 2022; he loves riding his bikes and spreading dirté smiles! He’s been cycling for over 30 years and raced road, mtb, cyclocross, and gravel. Robbie spreads joy with every cycling photo he shares.

Linda Flores


Linda Flores is from Lake Elsinore, CA - a roadie by nature and for the fitness, but a mountain biker at heart, and for the eye candy. She brings joy, lipstick, and glitter energy to her rides with other lady riders. They may not all ride at the same speed, but they all get to the top in the end, where they laugh off the falls and celebrate their wins. The smiles for miles make every pain temporary.

David Hunter


David Hunter hails from Richmond, VA. He’s an equipment junkie who rides to justify my bike purchases. He’s raced road, track, MTB, cross, and tandem; now he mostly cranks out miles leading road and gravel rides with the club, RollCallRVA. He love building wheels and exploring mountain roads.

Todd Murray


Todd Murray is from Camarillo, CA. For Todd, cycling is all about connecting with his friends, making new friends, and pushing each other to be better - on and off of the bike! Coffee and a pastry along the way is always a nice bonus.

Devin Shortt


Devin Shortt is an Irish cyclist who grew up in Cape Town, South Africa, which he claims is the beautiful place in the world - always surrounded by amazing scenery and nature when on the bike. He started racing at age 13; for the last 8 years, he’s been racing in Europe for EU teams and the Irish national team. 

Sebastian Stankiewicz


Sebastian Stankiewicz was born and raised in Michigan. His love for cycling was instilled by his dad, who took him out to the trails to teach him how to flow through single track when he was a kid; his parents say he learned to ride a bike better than he learned to walk. He loves road, gravel, cyclocross, bike packing, and of course mountain biking, and competes in ultra endurance races to test his limits and provide ample suffering. 

Nicholas Vacca


Nicholas Vacca is in Albuquerque, NM, and started @sendit_safely to spread the word about being nice out on the trail. It morphed into this weird cult-like following centered around riding dirt and single speeding.