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Elements Medical with Copper and Zinc

To make socks that keep feet healthier and more comfortable, DeFeet Elements uses yarns with the power of metal built in. For Elements Medical, we use copper and zinc. It’s antimicrobial, eliminating over 99% of viruses, bacteria and other organisms that pose threats to health and wellness. 

Why DeFeet Elements

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While Elements Medical socks help keep the dangerous things at bay, they transport moisture away from the skin. Keeping feet dryer furthers the antimicrobial benefits while reducing friction and wear on the skin. This quality aids dramatically in keeping feet healthy.

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Elements Medical features the World class build quality DeFeet is known for. Supportive compression allows Elements to keep your feet feeling better for longer periods of time. The integrity and legendary durability DeFeet is known for worldwide is realized the moment you pull on a pair and will be appreciated for years to come.

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Lastly, we supercharge Elements ability to move moisture by including Repreve® fiber made from recycled plastic bottles. This is the same fiber DeFeet uses to make socks for world class endurance athletes. When you can have better performance from a more earth friendly, sustainable product, there is no reason to choose anything else. 

Keeping feet clean and sterile in harsh, exhausting environments in the medical field is essential. Unfortunately, shoes that are soft and easy to clean or discard don’t breathe well and hold moisture. This can harbor more bacteria, wreak havoc on feet and skin, and lead to other long-term issues.

DeFeet Elements Medical are made for the unique challenges confronted by everyone who works so hard to help others. 

6 key Element Benefits

  • Supercharged Fibers
  • Loaded with Repreve®
  • Allows Proper Circulation
  • Reduced Friction
  • Keep your feet healthy
  • Antimicrobial benefits

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