The Great Winter Pastime.

It was no accident that DeFeet ski socks were worn to win the mens overall FIC Alpine Overall World Cup crystal globe in their very first year. Skiing at any level is demanding. Proper boot/sock fit is essential for an enjoyable outing. We learned that top skiers were already using our socks in their dryland training on the bike and running. Working together we designed socks that gave them DeFeet fit and performance they could wear while skiing. 

Certain ski discliplines can require extremely high levels of fitness. Backcountry for example. Chris Davenport wore DeFeet ski socks en route to climbing and descending all of Colorado's 14,000+ foot elevation peaks. He accomplished his goal summitting and descending all 54 of them in a single season. 

DeFeet is the official sock of the National Ski Patrol. Their creed of "Service and Safey" sees more than 28,000 members serving over 650 patrols improving the overall outdoor experience for enthusiasts across the Nation. 

DeFeet for a Cause: